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Preview of Jessica Lange (Elsa) singing Gods and Monsters by Lana for Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story: Freakshow.

I’m officially dead. YAS.


can ur child serve like this



I just have to post this since someone sent this to me earlier. @ Miss Costello this goes out to you because you’ve seem to have lost it saying the n word AND stealing a girl’s design and selling it as your own in the same week. (x) You have completely lost your mind saying you have “dressed” Beyoncé. Let’s get things straight, I’ve already known you were trash since your come up was some type of competition show but your dresses are as cheap as a milkyway sew in. “Dressed” Beyoncé? Beyoncé literally had to wear a mortgage x4 worth of rings because your dress looked so cheap. You are trash you croak-necked bitch. Eat shit and think next time you use the N word.

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